Gardall PS96-BE Handgun & Pistol Safe



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Gardall PS96-B-E Handgun & Pistol Safe

Most gun owners will agree that it is important to control who has access to your guns. Researchers estimate that more than half a million firearms are lost or stolen from private residences each year. These unsecured guns are a major source of black market weapons and are a significant threat to public safety.  A handgun safe is imperative to help prevent burglars and other dangerous people from gaining unauthorized access to your firearms. Whether you are looking for security from gun theft or to protect your children from accessing your guns, the Gardall PS96-BE Handgun & Pistol Safe can help meet your needs.

The Gardall PS96-B-E handgun & pistol safe features a no tone keypad that has a back lit push button lock with a mechanical key override in case the batteries die. The code can be programmed with a personal 4-6 digit entry code to gain access. The Gardall PS96-B-E can hold one or two handguns along with some other items you want to keep secure. It a

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