Bridgeman Class 3 Classic Vault Door ( Price Needs Quoted)



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Acclaimed reliability by institutions worldwide
Truly the international standard for security and design, Bridgeman’s Classic Vault Door combines the ultimate in security with the beauty of contemporary styling. The Classic Vault Doors are fabricated from the highest quality proprietary materials necessary to pass Underwriters Laboratories’ most severe tests and have attained the U.L. listings for Class I, Class II and Class III.

Floor level: Flat sill with full 36” clear opening.

Maintenance-free stainless steel satin finish on all exposed metal surfaces including the full-length locking bar, door edges and jamb of the opening.

The decorative operating wheel activates the full-length locking bar, insuring total top-to-bottom contact with the door’s locking jamb.

Two concealed U.L.-listed combination locks behind the stainless steel hinged front panel secure a daytime safety detent lock when activated, securing the locking bar in an open position to prevent the locking of personnel inside the vault under holdup conditions. This detent key lock is located behind the door’s rear stainless steel operations panel. A built-in Classic emergency ventilator is concealed in the door.

Built-in micro-switch designed to activate an alarm if the locking bar is not fully engaged when the door is closed and locked.

Classic adjustable door hinge with precision anti-friction bearings balances the door so perfectly that it can be opened with the touch of a finger.

Bridgeman’s standard daygate features a brushed stainless steel grillwork. An optional deluxe tinted tempered glass daygate is also available.

A three-movement 144-hour timelock is concealed behind the flush panel on the back of the door. The timelock is equipped with an emergency release designed for resetting in case of accidental overwind.

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Weight 4800 lbs


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